30 foolproof tricks for decorating small apartments

Small apartment

Decorating a small apartment is not always an easy task. Due to the small space, you should use the provisions intelligently, making an environment-friendly composition. Decoration of small apartments is possible! With simple tips and tricks, you transform your corner making it comfortable and special.

Over the past 10 years, the decoration of the apartments has decreased considerably, from 127.89 m² to 81.34 m². The good news is that using the right tips, your apartment can appear larger, with high functionality and comfort!

Living room


1- The living room is one of the vital rooms of a comfortable and elegant home. So pay attention when choosing the sofa. A great tip is to opt for a three seater sofa. Large sofa sets also tend to be avoided, as they block circulation and take up too much space.

2- If your apartment has only one bedroom, an excellent option is the choice of the sofa bed. So, it is not inelegant to welcome the people who will visit you.

3- Do you have several books scattered around your house? A good option for organizing them intelligently is niches. As they are always high, they do not impede the passage and it also helps in the local organization.

4- Who here has never tapped a finger on the coffee table? Well, this was due to the little space for circulation. The ideal is that you reserve at least 60 centimeters of distance to get around the layout of the furniture.

5- Instead of a coffee table, how about opting for an upholstered puff that also serves as a footrest, huh?

6- Place your TV on a panel embedded in the wall, instead of the traditional bookcase. More practical, it uses less space and makes the environment lighter and more functional.



7- Prefer beds that contain drawers or chests. If your bed is a box, give preference to those who have compartments to store bedding, for example.

8- We will replace the fixtures with sconces. Thus, you gain more space without losing the lighting.

9- Use light colors! They help to give that feeling of spaciousness. That doesn’t mean you can’t use colors, okay? PREFER room details by investing in colorful bedding and different rugs.

10- Are you part of the Brazilians who watch TV before going to sleep? Dismiss the panel and make use of the Suspended Home!

11- If more than one person occupies this room, how about replacing the traditional bed with a bunk bed? Children, for example, love it!

12- Do you have many objects that you like to exhibit? Use the headboards to show them. It looks beautiful and very organized.

13- Do you want to enlarge the size of your room? Use mirrors. Wardrobes with mirrored doors are a good tip.



14- The first step is to decrease the number of objects that will be displayed on top of the sink. The cleaner the bench is, the wider your environment will appear.

15- Baskets are excellent opportunities for organizing small bathrooms. In addition, they leave a special touch, bringing lightness and relaxation to the environment.

16- Abuse niches and hanging shelves to keep objects organized and expand the available spaces!

17- Add a touch of life to your small bathroom! On one wall, use colored or even patterned ceramics. There are some options of glass tiles that resemble hydraulic tiles. They guarantee charm and fun at the same time!



18- To organize kitchen utensils, how about installing high shelves with hooks to hang them on the wall? Apart from the ease of time to organize, you will still notice the practicality when it comes to cooking, since they will be more accessible to your hand.

19- A real wild card in the decoration of small kitchens are the folding tables. When you’re not using it, just fold it and you’re done: gain space.

20- The more lighting you have, the wider your environment will be. Therefore, if the kitchen has windows, avoid covering them with curtains. Let the sunlight in.

21- Give the cooktop a try! In addition to having a more modern and functional design, it is an excellent option for those who want to gain more space.

22- If in your house, the kitchen and living room are integrated, use a simpler option as a cupboard, without handles and in a straight line, in the same color as the wall. In this way, it is camouflaged in the decoration of your room.

23- To choose the materials you will use on the kitchen wall, prefer: burnt cement, pastilles, porcelain tiles and epoxy paint. Do not use porous materials, such as exposed brick.


Balcony in small apartment

24- Shall we build a green corner? The vertical garden is a tendency to be used. You can plant vertically on pallets or even on small supports.

25- Choose folding tables and chairs. That’s because the balcony is a great place for you to receive your closest friends. Make the space comfortable.

26- You can use futons and colorful pillows to make your environment more relaxing and peaceful. But be sure to prefer waterproof materials. For lighting, prefer candles, lanterns or mobiles. It will be a grace!

27- To give that “tchan”, prefer the use of wooden decks. In addition to making the local environment more cozy, you also allow the rainwater to drain and go down the drain.

How about three more general tips? These are tips that fit in all spaces and look great in all styles, check it out:

28- Use mirrors in the decoration, giving space to the establishment. If you use it on an entire wall, vertically, you practically double the depth of your environment. Small sets of mirrors in different formats can also be a fun tip!

29- Light colors, that’s the magic word! But avoid the monochromatic tone: use colorful furniture, which brings life back to its environment. Detailed wallpapers are welcome too.

30- Use and abuse of multipurpose furniture! Sofas turn into beds, folding tables, puffs that turn into chairs… Have fun!

So, did you like these 30 days? Is there any more you would give us? Write in the comments below!


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