Condo coworking: how did the pandemic influence this space?

coworking in condominiums

It is not news to anyone that, with the coming of the pandemic, many people had to work at home and there are still companies adapting to the home office. The good news is that, since the crisis, several construction companies have tried to meet this new need and are investing in coworking in condominiums.

Coworking is an office or shared space for work – or even for studies. It is a place for residents to work in a home office – in the same environment -, without actually being inside the house, but on the condominium’s premises.

This is a trend that was already gaining momentum and, with the arrival of Covid-19, it became an urgency in the undertakings. Continue reading to understand how coworking can be a smart solution to buy your next property, whether to live or to invest.

What characterizes a shared space as coworking?

To be considered coworking, the place must offer solutions that the professional would use if he were in the company: workstation (or a table with a chair), computer, electricity, internet signal and basic resources such as water and bathroom.

Many people who already work remotely, but do not have a good space at home, usually rent shared rooms with companies that specialize in offering this type of service. However, ventures that offer their own coworking facilitate this for the client.

This is because they earn so much for offering a more attractive place for the buyer – since this is a work model that is here to stay and already has more than 20 million Brazilians – and for offering the possibility for its residents to save money with rent. Follow other benefits in the topic below.

What are the advantages of choosing a property with coworking?

Coworking was born, mainly, to combine two very important things in the daily lives of professionals: work and quality of life. But it came with several other advantages that, normally, every worker needs to have a healthier activity routine. See what some of them are.

No stress with traffic

Traffic is one of the worst annoyances faced by those who work outside the home. Especially if you live and work in a big city, the scenario is this: wake up early and arrive late due to the time you spend commuting to work and vice versa.

When it is possible to work in the condominium where he lives, the worker has a better quality of life, as he will not be subjected to the stress that traffic causes daily. Therefore, he will be able to wake up later, get to work on time, return home early and with the tranquility of taking a few steps.

More comfort

Although the home office is a necessity for many companies, not everyone has a comfortable and adequate environment at home to work. With the availability of coworking, the professional will have a specific space to perform their tasks, in addition to more convenience.

Fewer distractions

Working from home is a trend, but it turns out that, precisely because of staying at home, the worker is faced with several distractions: comfortable bed, TV, refrigerator, family conversations, among other factors. In coworking it doesn’t happen, did you know?

As coworking is a space designed and used to serve professional purposes, all the typical distractions of a home will not be there to hinder the professional’s productivity. With that, he will have much more focus to perform the tasks he really needs.

More savings

We talk here about the fact that you can save on renting rooms and offices to work, right? It turns out that the economy can go beyond that. It is possible to spend much less on transportation or fuel to work, as well as parking and food.

We can also mention the economy with social clothing. After all, if you are working within the condominium, it is easier to replace the social clothing that would be used in the company with a more comfortable and appropriate to environment.

Best networking opportunities

Those who work in the home office tend to be more isolated, because at home, it is only the professional and his work equipment. In coworking there are more possibilities to meet new people and expand your network of contacts, since other workers will be in the same environment. It’s a great way to exchange experiences!

How to choose the best property for coworking in condominiums?

As we have seen, coworking is quite advantageous. However, in order to take full advantage of this trend and have a good experience when investing in an enterprise that offers such a resource, it is important to consider a few points:

Visit the site before closing the deal

Knowing the property before buying or renting is not a new tip. But what about visiting the space where you will work every day? Have you ever thought about it? Or did you just look at the photos of the place?

Keep in mind that, as important as knowing all the details of the apartment in which you are going to live in person, you also need to understand what the work space is like. From photos or videos it is not possible to know if the infrastructure offers what you need, such as good internet, privacy, adequate ventilation and lighting, among others.

Pay attention to site usage policies

It is necessary to understand how the rules for using the site work before closing the deal, as there may be particularities that will not be advantageous to you. For example minimum and maximum hours for use, fees and conditions for using the space.

Search for multiple options

Choosing a property is not always an easy task and, often, the resident may be in doubt between two or more alternatives. If you are looking for this type of space to work, the infrastructure of the place can be decisive when choosing.

Imagine that one project offers a larger space than the other and both have equivalent prices. Or a property where coworking is close to the leisure area. This can be a disadvantage compared to another that offers a quieter and less noisy location. It is worth researching carefully before deciding.

Was it clear how coworking in condominiums came to revolutionize the real estate segment in every way? It offers better business opportunities for construction companies, benefits for residents and competitive advantages for those who invest in real estate. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is a strong market trend.

Is the shared workspace an interesting alternative for you? Would it suit that style? Share your opinion with us by leaving your comment!


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