Do you know how to buy a direct apartment with the construction company?

buy direct apartment with the construction company

The moment of acquiring your own home is much awaited and needs to be well planned to guarantee success in the negotiation. The real estate market offers many facilities for interested parties who do not have all the investment value at hand. In these cases, buying a direct apartment with the construction company is the easy way to finance and, still, it values ​​the property.

This operation is like a loan and goes through specific financial rules for each construction company. As companies want to sell their units quickly, they offer more flexible prices and payment terms to the consumer.

If you are thinking of buying an apartment, read this post until the end. We will show the main benefits of this type of operation and how to carry it out. Check it out and have a good reading!

Main advantages of buying a direct apartment with the construction company

Each construction company defines its financing format, therefore, it is not standardized. Some companies carry out this operation when the property is still under construction, others opt for a more flexible and personalized process, according to the needs and conditions of the client. See some benefits in buying direct apartment with the construction company.

Trading facilities

All real estate financing, made directly with the company responsible for the work, is carried out without the presence of intermediaries, such as a broker, consultant or real estate adviser. These transactions, when made by banking institutions, involve a lot of bureaucracy, documentation and long terms.

In addition, banks involve other professionals in this process, making the value of trading higher. Thus, buying a direct apartment with the construction company does not require the involvement of third parties and does not increase the value of the financing.

Flexibility in payments

As we have seen, each construction company is responsible for creating its rules for the real estate financing contract. Due to this autonomy, companies offer their customers more flexible payment terms. As the construction companies are not bound by the norms of the Housing Finance System, the market is more diversified, offering several financing options to the consumer.

Thus, the customer has more variety of opportunities to adjust the payment, according to their financial conditions. For example, you can choose to give a deposit and take installments half-yearly or monthly, until the delivery of the keys, or pay a lower entry fee than the banks.

Bureaucratization of processes

To carry out financing through banking institutions, the consumer needs to present several documents, such as proof of income and marital status and negative certificates, in addition to the property valuation.

However, when the client chooses to buy a direct apartment with the construction company, there is not so much bureaucracy. There is no need to submit all of these documents and the credit assessment criteria are less stringent. Furthermore, it is not necessary to provide documentation of the property.

Clearer rates and terms

The amortization of the financing can be done according to the construction company’s parameters or through the Price System, which considers some indexes and interest rates. However, in any of the situations, the terms and rates are clearer for the consumer when done directly by the construction companies. Thus, it is possible to perform a more transparent, safe and smooth operation.

Step by step of the financing process

Direct financing with the construction company is more attractive to consumers because it is easier and more practical than those offered by banking institutions. Usually, the construction companies responsible for the allotment do the financing by asking for an entrance fee and splitting the rest, according to the client’s conditions.

The deadline for delivery and completion tends to vary, but it is usually between 50 to 120 months. Despite having high-interest rates and a short term, this type of operation made directly with the construction companies guarantees more accessible services to the client. It is important to remember that the shorter the financing term, the lower the final amount to be paid.

In the transactions made by the construction companies, the installments are fixed, but can be readjusted every year, according to the needs presented. As for the required documentation are: identity card, CPF and proof of address.

Both in cases where the financing is made directly with the construction company and with the banks, the consumer does not automatically become the owner of the property. This is definitely accomplished only when the financing is fully paid off. For this reason, a contract is made that gives the client the right to own or use the property, as long as he keeps the financing installments up to date, as well as other obligations defined in this document.

Direct financing with construction companies vs. financing with banks

One of the main differentials in negotiating a direct property with the construction company is not having to charge interest on the financed amount during the execution of the project. Most banks, on the other hand, only provide the financing after the end of the work. Because of this, the construction companies establish more flexible terms and lower values, when compared to the projects that are already ready, compensating for possible risks.

Another difference is the bureaucracy in the approval of credit and documentation that involve banking processes. Thus, construction companies make the concession feasible, in order to increase competitiveness with financial institutions. In addition, negotiating directly with the construction company is likely to increase the value of the property after completion of construction. Real estate financing, carried out by banks, has varying interest and adjustable installments, according to inflation. This operation, on the other hand, when carried out directly with the construction companies, does not offer this risk.

In transactions carried out directly with the companies responsible for the works, there is no need for intermediaries, such as real estate consultants or dispatchers – which is quite common in bank transactions, increasing the cost of the process. In addition, buying real estate directly on the plant allows the unit to be adapted according to personal taste and needs. Thus, it is possible, for example, to customize from the facilities of the rooms to the bathrooms.

Therefore, purchasing an apartment or house directly from the construction company provides more security and flexibility in terms of payment. To do this, research the market and choose a quality company to make your own home dream come true. Trisul offers the best conditions to buy an apartment directly from the construction company. With more than three decades in the market, the company has trained professionals, affordable prices and a commitment to the delivery of its works.

Do you want to know more about Trisul? Get in touch with our consultants and discover the best opportunities in the real estate market!


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