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Aqua Seal

The urgent need to maintain the preservation of the environment has given the word sustainability a strength that is not always understood or applied by everyone.

But in the civil construction segment, it is increasingly used with property and charged by property owners with a more innovative vision. For this reason, important certifications have been created to meet this demand seriously, as is the case with the Aqua Seal.

The works that obtain this qualification can really be distinguished from others that sell the image of sustainability with simplified actions, such as those that build spaces for selective waste collection, for example.

The Aqua Seal ensures that the entire construction process of a project is recognized by the appropriate reduction of the impacts generated by a project on the environment, from its management to the final result, that is, the delivery of the property.

In this article, Blue World City will explain what the Aqua Seal is, what its importance is and why you should be aware of the construction companies that use it so that your property is truly valued in the future. Follow us!

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What is the Aqua Seal?

The Aqua certification, applied by the Vanzolini Foundation, was created in 2008, and is the first Brazilian standard for the qualification of truly sustainable works . It covers fourteen  criteria for analyzing buildings, from the management of their construction to their operation after delivery, considering local specificities.

The Aqua Seal is applied to housing developments, school and office buildings, neighborhoods, subdivisions, buildings in the hospitality, leisure and events sectors.

Its basis is the PDCA ( Plan, Do, Check and Act or, in literal translation, plan, do, check and act), a management model that promotes the control and continuous improvement of production processes.

Through it, the construction company must follow a plan that contemplates meeting the sustainability goals for the building. In order to receive certification, the work is frequently monitored, receiving independent audits. See what are the evaluated criteria, divided into four categories:

  • Eco-construction – analysis of the surroundings of the project and its relationship with it, in addition to ensuring that there is a low environmental impact caused by the construction site;
  • Eco-management – provides that energy, water and waste are managed efficiently and permanently, guaranteeing the preservation of the environment;
  • comfort – requirement that the work has no thermal, acoustic, olfactory or visual discomfort;
  • health – the enterprise must also have quality in its environments related to air, water and sanitary issues.

How does the certification process work and why is it so important?

As mentioned, all stages of construction of a building that requires certification through the Aqua Seal are accompanied by independent audits, which assess the conformity of the production process, according to what was planned. Thus, it is clear that there is a concern, even, with the development of the professionals who work in the enterprise.

All deadlines, costs, application of sustainability goals and implemented solutions are analyzed and used to support decision making, which can help to improve future projects. This is even one of the proposals for applying the PDCA methodology.

In addition to increasing the building’s environmental efficiency, the Aqua Seal has become a tool for guiding the directions that civil construction must follow to ensure sustainability in its ventures.

What are the advantages of a property certified with the Aqua Seal?

We have already seen that, for construction companies, Aqua certification is important for the continuous improvement of their processes and future projects. As it was created with the adaptation of the most important norms and recognized worldwide to the Brazilian reality, it complies with the current legislation and guarantees more attention to issues, such as the climate and the energy sources used in our country.

See, below, what are the main benefits of investing in a property with the Aqua Seal:

  • more quality of life;
  • proper disposal of waste;
  • saving water and energy;
  • lower costs in condominium fees, such as conservation and maintenance;
  • better health and comfort conditions for residents;
  • environmental and socioeconomic development of the region where the project is located;
  • financial appreciation of the property over time.

Are there already such developments in São Paulo?

With so much innovation and concern for quality and sustainability, you may be wondering if there are such properties available on the market. The answer is yes! Increasingly, the environmental issue and the concern with quality management at construction sites are receiving the attention of construction companies.

In São Paulo, TRISUL has two projects that contemplate all of this, and go through the certification process with the Aqua Seal. Find out more about them below:


A few blocks from Faria Lima, in Vila Olímpia, considered one of the largest commercial centers in São Paulo, the Orbit residential building is under construction . The tower with only 80 units, measuring 95 square meters, is located in an area of ​​1,419 square meters, with two parking spaces and private lockers.

One of the highlights of the project, in addition to the environmental certification with the Aqua Seal, is the leisure area. There are more than 13 items offered, including swimming pool for adults and children, solarium, far away, wet deck, gourmet party room, recreational court, spa, bike rack, among other advantages.

Vista Clementino

In the South Zone of São Paulo, this project located in Vila Clementino is almost ready . On the one hand, you can enjoy all the attractions and tranquility of Ibirapuera Park, where you can exercise or simply breathe the fresh air. Nearby, you will find schools, universities, subway stations, restaurants, supermarkets, health facilities, as well as cultural options and the Congonhas airport.

The project also undergoes certification with the Aqua Seal and has its entire landscaping harmonized with corten steel, stones and glass. Among the amenities of those who choose a property in this development are:

  • social hall;
  • games room;
  • toy library;
  • playground;
  • fitness area;
  • indoor pool;
  • dry sauna;
  • pet space;
  • gourmet party room.

Looking for a place where you can live well, with quality of life and the guarantee that you are contributing to the sustainability and preservation of natural resources is, more and more, an obligation of those who can make this choice. Therefore, always opt for projects with the Aqua Seal!

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