Learn how to plan to sell a property to buy another

sell a property to buy another

Do you plan to move or diversify investments in Blue World City, but do not have the necessary capital? Know that there are alternatives to make your dream come true, such as financing or even the possibility of selling one property to buy another. In this case, however, care must be taken to avoid risks.

The ideal is to give your old property as part of the payment for the new one. If this is not feasible, it will be necessary to have a lot of synchrony (to sell, deliver the house and already have a new place to live), as well as luck to be able to close both businesses practically at the same time.

Want to know how to do this safely? Follow our tips!

Why sell one property to buy another?

Are you getting married, your family has grown up, would you like to live in a quieter neighborhood or need more space for your home office ? There are numerous reasons to justify buying a larger or perhaps better located property. Imagine the advantages of living close to your work and being able to walk to the office, without having to face hours in traffic? Or, if you like outdoor sports, have an apartment located close to a park or green area in the city?

The goal of those looking for a new property is always higher quality of life and comfort. However, our budget is not always compatible with what we want or need, is it not? An alternative to enable the purchase of a new property is to sell the old one or use it as part of the payment.

Of course, there are options, such as resorting to financing. However, the advantage of using the old property is the reduction of indebtedness. After all, the bigger the entry that is offered in the transaction, the faster (and with less interest) you finish paying. Another essential detail is that whoever sells a property has six months to buy another one, without having to pay income tax for the capital gain.

In addition, when you sell your house or apartment and get paid, you have greater bargaining power when it comes to negotiating, as you have the money available and get a greater discount. If you choose to use the financing anyway, it is possible to use the resources in some application with a higher profitability than the installments.

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How to improve the market value of my property?

If you chose to sell your old property in order to make the purchase of the new one feasible, a good idea is to invest in strategies that increase its market value. One way to do this is to improve the appearance of the place. Cleanliness, good lighting and conservation of the environment make a big difference in the eyes of the potential buyer.

So paint the walls, fix windows and doors, don’t leave old furniture or boxes stacked out of place. The less clutter, the greater the chance that the buyer will be interested. Likewise, bet on neutral colors – after all, a cleaner image can be more attractive, especially for those who have decorating preferences different from yours.

If you want to advertise your property on websites, invest in good photos. It is not always necessary to look for a professional photographer, but pay attention to the best angles and avoid showing everyday situations, that is, clothes on the clothesline, crockery out of the closet, scattered magazines or any other type of image that gives the impression of disorganization. .

When making an appointment on the spot, the presence of a specialized broker makes a difference. This professional will be able to identify and present the high points of the property, such as good location, security, leisure area, planned furniture, glassed balcony, among other details. There are even those who invest in specific perfumes that awaken the affective memory of visitors.

Sell ​​well, with fair price

Regarding the price, check how much the square meter costs in your region. Advertising a value much higher than the market value can make properties similar to yours, with proposals within the evaluation of the region, stand out. Likewise, below-average values ​​arouse suspicion among potential stakeholders.

Speaking of suspicions, remember that all documentation of the property and its owner must be in order. After all, if there are pending fees (such as IPTU), installments, condominium or even if the asset was used as a guarantee for other debts, the sale will be more difficult.

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What are the tips to sell a property and buy another one without difficulties?

In addition to the suggestions to enhance the property for sale, it is important to pay attention to the timing of the two businesses. As we mentioned, after the sale, the owner has six months to buy another property without being taxed on the capital gain. This, in the end, makes a lot of difference, as it represents no less than 15% of the value of the asset.

Thus, it is worth investing in planning, with the help of a specialized professional. When it is time to formalize the sale, negotiate with the buyer the deadline to vacate the property (usually between 30 and 60 days). The ideal is that it is enough that the purchase of the new house can be formalized and that it is available.

Alternatively, it is possible to hand over the property and rent another one provisionally, while waiting for the vacancy and delivery of the new one. However, this cost needs to be foreseen in your budget, to avoid setbacks and higher expenses.

Don’t forget to review the buyer’s profile

A primary care is knowing how to choose the buyer. This may seem strange, but it is essential to be cautious and also check the financial history of the interested party. It is worth mentioning that, if the property is financed, the risks are less, since the financial institution that grants the credit is in charge of checking all documentation, from both parties.

What is the importance of seeking specialized help to do this business?

When selling your property and buying another, it will be necessary to check the documentation of both, negotiate prices, define which are the best platforms to advertise and serve interested parties. All of this must be done within the recommended timeframe to make the new purchase feasible.

For this reason, it is important to have specialized assistance, such as legal advice that can evaluate all the documentation of the property (registration, registration, deed and settlement of debts), in addition to brokers who know how to identify opportunities and monitor the entire transaction.

If you want to sell a property to buy another one, count on the experience of Trisul, which can assist in the negotiation and indicate the best opportunities to monetize your capital, in addition to providing all the necessary legal advice for your security.


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