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What is the ideal size of a property for you? Often, when buying an apartment, we stick to important details, such as location, value, proximity to work, among others. But we don’t always stop to think that we can’t acquire property without thinking about the future.

Will my family grow? If I want to sell later, will I be able to do it easily? Depending on the answers, a large apartment maybe your best option, even if you are going to live alone or if you are just building a family.

This post aims to help you and reflect and understand what to take into consideration when choosing the ideal size of an apartment. Read on and make the best decision!

What should you consider when choosing a large apartment?

As mentioned, the purchase of a property should not only take into account your current situation. You have to think that your life can change over the years, as well as your needs. If you are single today or recently married, in a while you may want to increase your family, have children, need a home office.

All of this needs to be evaluated since acquiring a property is making a medium and long-term investment that involves high values. So, think also:

  • lifestyle: a large apartment is good for those who like to receive people, work at home or need space to store many things;
  • plans for the future: think about whether you are going to have children or if you intend to share the property with someone else;
  • investment: contrary to what many think, a large apartment is easier to resell and can bring in more profits, too.

Homes of the Future

What are the advantages of a large apartment over smaller and younger ones?

If you do good research, you will notice that the old apartments tend to be bigger and better distributed than the newer ones. This is especially true when it comes to the size of the kitchen and bedrooms. In addition, they tend to have a clearer division between the social and private areas, with corridors that divide them.

But if you prefer a new property, you don’t need to be discouraged. There are options on the market that can combine the ideal size for you with the advantages of a newly built apartment or on the floor plan. So, what else is worth: a new or old apartment in São Paulo? The point here is to research well and evaluate what else will suit your wishes.

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What are the 6 benefits of living in a large apartment?

If you have reflected on what we have talked about so far, but still have doubts that a large apartment is really the best option for you, we have listed the 6 biggest advantages of purchasing this type of property. Check out!

1. It is easier to sell

Your investment at the time of purchase will be greater in the case of a large apartment. But know that if you want to sell the property in the future, this will be well compensated financially. This is because families that wish to maintain comfort and security will always prefer an apartment like this.

In addition, larger properties are always increasing in value in the real estate market, that is, the financial advantage will also be greater. Finally, if you want to rent the apartment, you will get higher prices in the negotiation, both for seasonal and long-term rentals.

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2. It brings more convenience

We can say that this advantage is one of the clearest when buying a large apartment. Space will not be lacking to accommodate your family, guests and visiting friends. In addition, you will be able to make a better division of the rooms, being able to separate an office environment, for the children’s play, among others.

The larger property still allows you to have a pet with more convenience and space so that he does not feel trapped in the apartment.

3. Ensures your privacy

Large properties tend to have a better division of the environments, leaving the rest areas of the family more separated from those in which you receive visitors. The chances of having a better constructive quality are also greater, with more adequate sound insulation between the apartments.

Finally, condominiums that house larger apartments tend to invest more in the safety of residents, with camera systems, concierge, among others.

4. Presents diverse areas

As mentioned, the areas of the larger apartments are better divided and tend to be more diverse. Thus, it is possible to have on the property a balcony, leisure areas well separated from the bedrooms, possibility to create different environments in the room, among others. If there is integration between them, you can guarantee even more breadth and different possibilities for decoration.

5. Offers free movement

Anyone who has a lot of furniture and has lived in smaller apartments knows how uncomfortable it is to have to dodge them to move from side to side. Larger properties allow you to organize your decor better, without giving up the items you like best, keeping your circulation free and even making it easier to clean the property.

6. Possibility of a privileged view

The larger the apartment, the greater the possibility of having balconies and balconies, where you can create leisure environments and receive family and friends with comfort and a privileged view. In addition, the openings are usually larger, ensuring more thermal comfort and better use of natural light.

Why buy an apartment from Trisul?

Do you remember that we said that it is not necessary to look for an old property to have a large apartment? Trisul has large developments, with a privileged location that will meet your desires and needs with security, a guarantee of constructive quality, and comfort.

One of them is Altez Ipiranga, on Rua Vinte e Oito de Setembro, which has units with 71, 108, or 160 square meters in one of the best neighborhoods to live in São Paulo. The apartments have two to four bedrooms, two or three suites, as well as a complete leisure area in the condominium, including a recreational court and swimming pool.

The choice for the ideal size of the property depends, of course, on a good assessment of your needs, your lifestyle, and your financial planning. When choosing a large apartment, you will have all the comfort you need, being able to better enjoy the environments with a good architectural design.


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